types of work I do

working with groups

Doing things with movement, improvisation, painting, drawing and more! We could be in a room, on a walk or meeting online. I encourage self awareness and expression in gentle ways. I ask questions and share observations. I’m in it with you! Could be a one-off or a longer-term project.

working 1:1

Supporting you as a thinking partner in the things that are important to you (and we can also work out what is important to you). This might be on things impacting you at work (for example confidence or a particular goal/challenge) or with your business (working out what and how you want to share with the world). This can be shorter or longer-term.

commissions + projects

All sorts! I take commissions for paintings and drawings for organisations and individuals, including portraits. I recently took on a 12-hour radio project and am working on a podcast at the moment. I love collaborating with people and/or be given a brief which is out of my comfort zone.

event reportage

I love to draw at events (basically any gathering of humans) from my observations of what’s going on (for me and interesting things I can see happening in the group as someone on the edges). I can share the drawings; either throughout the time we are together, or afterwards as a video or as a piece of artwork for you to display.

learn more about me, here, or go here to read more about how I work. Learn more about specific projects, here.

to get in contact about any of these offers or an idea you have, email me at jo@misswoodforthetrees.com

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