working with groups

What is this? A creative workshop/session tailored to your group. This could be within your organisation or community setting. I also run public sessions on a semi-regular basis. We use mark making (with lots of different materials), writing, pauses and movement to find forms of self expression which work (and don’t work) for everyone. This can either be focused on creative expression, or as a way to explore group dynamics.

Who might like this: If your group would like an opportunity to slow down and have an opportunity for deeper connection with yourself, each other and the environment we are in through gently unusual creative invitations. 

How I like to work with groups: Improvisationally (I’ll have a plan but will adapt based on what’s going on in the group), playful and experimental and safe with participants having access to a wide range of choice of how they take part. I particularly love options to work outdoors. I’m informed by my work with Nonviolent Communication, improv, polyvagal theory, outsider art and group dynamics, amongst other theories, experiences and practices.

What people have said about being in groups I am running: 

Jo is highly personable, warm, engaging, highly creative, encouraging, and inspiring. Jo manages to bring people gently on a journey of creative discovery in the workshops I have been on with her” – chair of local wildlife and conservation group

“I have absolute trust in your ability to tune in to a group and gently speak to the things that are going on between them/us. You have power in your observational skill set to help a group understand and navigate their interpersonal / unspoken friction in a helpful way.” – Megan Taylor, Managing Director at RISE Beyond.

To get in contact about work I could do with your group, email me here: and we can have a chat.

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