drawing attention: event illustrations

What is this? This is a way to document what is going on at events; through illustrations and words I share based on observations of the group as a whole, individual moments between people, how I feel being part of the event and questions I have arising. I spend time more and less on the edges of the group. I can share the drawings; either throughout the time we are together, or afterwards as a video or as a piece of artwork for you to display or keep. It can be a way to understand and make more meaning from an event, or pay attention to subtle moments we might be ignored if they are not on a stage/said through a microphone, on a powerpoint slide or said by a person in a position of more power. 

What kind of events? The short answer is, any gathering of humans where you would value an ‘outsider’ to share illustrations, feelings, pieces of conversation and questions from the inside and the margins of the event. I’ve been in this role during the filming of a documentary (which then became part of the film), during a large workshop on collaboration (where I put my illustrations on the wall throughout the event), at a yoga retreat, and many other meetings.

What people have said about me drawing at live events: 

“Jo has some of the most curious and unique observations of anyone I’ve ever met, and has an incredible ability to capture moments of truth artistically presented with beautiful hand drawn renderings.” Jim Elms – director of short film

“I love the way you sit on the periphery but tune into what’s going on in any group (virtual and in-person). You can articulate dynamics in a way that people connect with yet don’t feel intimidated or uncomfortable by. The visual representation of what was going on between us helps to articulate the point of our work in a way that is beyond words – which, for me, is the power of art.” Megan Taylor, director of RISE Beyond

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