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What is this? Whatever we want it to be! I regularly take commissions for tshirt designs, illustrations/paintings, including pet and human portraits, and artwork to be hung public spaces. I have also co-curated a solstice-themed radio station and a community market. I’ve been on residency in North Wales, Scotland, East London and a remote island off the coast of North Carolina. I also have an ongoing gallery of conversations and a project exploring art and mental health/wellbeing.

How I like to work on projects and commissions: Working together to find a lovely balance between freedom and structure so that many of our needs are met. Ensuring our values and ethics meet each other well. Finding a cost that means it values my time and also you can actually afford the project. Open communication. And some fun!

Links to previous work:

What people have said about commissions/projects they have commissioned me to do/ we have worked on together: 

I have been lucky enough to work with Jo on a number of occasions, most notably in Scotland where I own Glen Dye Cabins and Cottages. Jo has created a lot for us; an amazing 12 hour radio show, some podcasts and she has also been an artist in residence. For each of these projects her input has been both creative and highly practical and it’s been a total joy to work with her. I’d recommend her and her work to anyone.” – Charlie Gladstone, owner of Glen Dye Cabins and Cottages

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