working with me

In my work, I help individuals and groups slow down and become more fully aware of the present moment and what else is going on beneath the surface of our conscious interactions.

I offer my clients a time/space to connect more deeply with what is important to them and bring an awareness to the tiny, everyday quandaries as well as the big existential patterns that inform/impact/influence how we think and behave.

I believe in the importance of working beyond ideas of right/wrong and good/bad and instead am interested in helping clients better understand patterns of thought and behaviour and where they come from in order to help them have access to more choice.

I find that words aren’t always enough and I invite my clients to join me in experimenting with movement, breathing, walking, writing, painting/drawing to help deepen their awareness.

things that are important to me in working together…

  • You will experience care and compassion throughout our work together
  • At times things will not feel straightforward or easy. There might be moments we experience as confusing or challenging which we will work with together as part of the process
  • We will try out different things together – making marks, walking, breathing, pausing, talking
  • We can work together towards goals but will generally find other points of challenge and interest along the way
  • I will regularly check how things are working for you. I am up for hearing what works/doesn’t work for you and us adapting as required.

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