Crafty Time / Expressing Stuff with Other Stuff

Over the past months I have been experimenting with drawing. Particularly with finding new ways to express how I am feeling. I like to TRY to work with feelings/emotions in a playful way (even when what is going on might not feel at all playful). For example, once when I was feeling grumpy and sad about things that had happened in my day and I noticed my head and heart felt heavy, I drew a creature with a pumpkin on its head with a spikey heart. When I felt a bit miserable and bitter I drew two beaky creatures.

Sometimes these are scribbled on scraps of lined paper with a biro, sometimes on a special drawing pad with vibrant felt tip pens. Sometimes I’ll try it out when I am sitting in bed and I can’t seem to put aside something bothering me. I guess then it’s kind of like a journal. At other times I’ll do it whilst I am at my desk and have had a tricky meeting.

I don’t really have an answer to why this is something I have enjoyed doing, or why I am suggesting we do it together but I’d like to invite you to try this out with me. You can use whatever medium you fancy. If you’re interested in joining one of these sessions, drop me a line here.